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Platting can be used to divide up property or merge several contiguous pieces of property together. The process for recording a plat is dependant upon where the property is located. It is often a two-step procedure, where first, the local governing body must approve a preliminary plat and final plat then the County offices must approve the final plat. The type of plat described above is from Minnesota State Statute 505. There are other types of plats, another type of plat is described in Minnesota State Statute 515B this is known as a CIC or Common Interest Community. Some of our clients use the 515B type of plat to divide up a piece of property and the building that is on it. 

A Lot Split is another popular way to divide up land in the metro area.  The rules for performing a Lot Split vary from city to city.  We suggest contacting them directly to discuss this option, normally it is free to discuss your plans with them. 

Click below to see a sample Plat:

 Plat.pdf    CIC (Page 1).pdf     CIC (Page 4).pdf