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Lot Certification Survey

Lot Certificate Survey:

A Lot Certification Survey includes all of the aspects described in the Boundary Survey together with several paper copies of a scaled drawing. This scaled drawing shows all visible permanent structures on your property (i.e. buildings, side walks, decks, etc…), adjacent public roadways, parking, above ground improvements, some utilities, boundary lines overlaid on top of the improvements, boundary area, building dimensions, and building ties. This is our most popular type of residential survey; it officially shows your boundary both physically in the field and graphically on a scaled drawing.

Often clients request us to show proposed improvements on the drawing. Governmental offices often need to a scaled drawing with proposed improvements before they issue building permits.

Lot Certificate Survey with Elevations:

This type of survey includes all of the aspects described in a Lot Certificate Survey plus it shows elevations based on either an assumed datum or datum obtained from governmental offices.

Depending upon the topography of your property or complexity of proposed improvements, it can be helpful to see elevations on our drawing. Often architects use our surveys to create plans with proposed improvements.

Click below to see a sample Lot Certification Survey:

 Lot Certification.pdf      Lot Certification With Elev.pdf